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We are passionate about helping other practitioners to find their own way in building a thriving private practice. It can be a precarious time for professional development when practitioners finish the formal parts of their professional training. Graduates will often feel relieved at the successful completion of course requirements but may feel ill-equipped when dealing with the practical challenges of becoming more business focused.

It is our experience that training institutions fail to adequately prepare their graduates for a career in business strategy, business planning and the particular and unique challenges presented by self-employment. Training institutions also invariably pay little attention to the challenges of preparing promotional and marketing materials such as websites and blogs, search engine optimisation (SEO) and social media engagement. It is our experience that online marketing can be a very useful way of building a thriving practice. We can teach you all you need to know about search engine optimisation, websites, blogging, keyword advertisement placing, social media engagement and how to get the most from online directories. It is our experience that a proactive approach to online marketing is maintained by targeting the most searched for terms in your field.

We can help you to make the transition to private practice. We are recent graduates and know first hand the challenges presented by embarking on a new career path.